Boxing Training Classes

Palm Beach Boxing takes pride in offering the most top quality training in Palm Beach County. This premier gym offers a variety of training tailored to your specific goals. Our 16,000 square foot facility allows plenty of space to train and move around. Our boxing classes are the real deal — you will learn the fundamentals of boxing and have the opportunity to advance to more technical training as your skills sharpen. In addition to learning real boxing, you will receive one of the best work outs you’ve ever experienced! All experience levels are welcome!

We specialize in teaching those who has minimal boxing experience. Our Basic Boxing classes offer a comfortable class setting for beginner to intermediate skill levels. The instructors keep the class interesting by maintaining a dynamic curriculum. You will cover many movements and drills and get deep into the technical mechanics of boxing. Each class starts with an engaging warm up and the instructors keep your heart rate pumping throughout the work out! These classes are no-contact classes, meaning you do not have to fight or spar if you do not desire to, or if you feel you are not ready yet.

What to expect during your first class

During your first training session, expect your movements to feel a little awkward. This is totally normal, but you’ll get the rhythm and body movements down very quickly. Our trainers are very attentive when you’re new. They’ll keep an eye on your form and make the proper corrections to really make that jab sting (don’t punch you’re trainer though, that’s against the rules)

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*Local residents only, first-time visitors, 18 years or older or younger with parental or guardian consent.

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