Lou Martinez - Owner & Pro Boxing Camp Coach
Owner & Pro Boxing Camp Coach

Lou Martinez

Lou’s love for martial arts started young. He began martial arts when he was 10 years old, and by 23, he had earned his black belt in karate was competing at all statewide tournaments in karate, winning all state records, and began his pro-boxing career by . Lou began kickboxing competitively in the early 90s, with his most notable victory against Hector Camacho Jr. He went 10-1 and held the world title in kickboxing. Lou also competed as a boxer under his own management and won a Golden Glove Championship in Pensacola, Florida, where Ray Jones Jr. presented him his trophy.


  • Professional Trainer, Cutman, and Cornerman.
  • Florida State Golden Gloves Champion.
  • W.K.A. State Kickboxing Champion.
  • I.S.K.A. Southeast U.S. Champion.
  • I.S.K.A. United States Champion.
  • Team coach Florida State Golden Gloves.
  • Team Trainer Region 3 Amateur USA Boxing Team.